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Since its inception in 2001 the Academic Services Division of ATI has specialized in the supply of high quality US and international products and services to the academic community in the region. With this mission in mind, we strive to become the partner of choice to each institution providing unique services tailored to meet their aspirations and standards.

Over the past years, ATI has acquired and successfully maintained major accounts in the states of Kuwait, Qatar & Kingdoms of Bahrain & Saudi Arabia ranging from private high schools to universities. ATI continues to acquire and serve new entities while looking to add new products and services of value to our clients. In fact, ATI has become synonymous with industry knowledge, superior service and dedication to deadlines.

We at ATI aim to dedicate our experience in the field to the service of our customers. Believing that our best reference is our satisfied client base we invite you to work with us for first hand experience of our service.

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