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Class Rings
ATI offers exceptionally high quality customized Class rings that are both a permanent symbol of achievement and a lasting reminder of recognition.

Class rings are a commemorative piece of jewelry that celebrates a student's school and graduating class. Class rings are typically purchased during the Junior year and worn until graduation. Most students buy a class ring as a fashionable piece of jewelry but in years to come enjoy it as a memento of their school/university days.

The traditional class ring is a wide metal band with a large colored jewel at the top. The high school name circles the jewel, and the wide sides allow for the insertion of the graduation year and other personalized symbols. While this is a typical ring design, browse our site for different models where some are barely recognizable as class rings. Rings are offered in varying qualities of yellow and white gold, silver, or steel.

A final word of advice, consider your class ring an investment in school day memories.

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